Who is Alex?

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Born in New Jersey, I graduated from Bucknell University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Economics as an executive member of my fraternity.

Before resigning my job to travel in summer 2015, I worked as an advertising account supervisor at 360i, an award-winning NYC-based digital advertising agency, helping launch a fully integrated teen safety campaign for Toyota.

In 2015 I cycled 4,200 across the country before beginning at Duke Fuqua business school in 2016.

I love hobbies:

-Making noise on the telecaster/harmonica (the same combination as Springsteen),

-Soccer in any form (proud to help Real Hungover win another coed intramural season),

-Attempting to brew my own beer (key word: attempting),

-Agonizing about zombie apocalypse preparedness (just formed my own business: A Tuller Prepares, LLC),

-Reading presidential biographies (former weekend docent at Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace),

-Reading GTD-based productivity blogs (huge David Allen fan),

-Biking & endurance sports (Cross-Country American History Bicycle Tour 2015, Paris Marathon 2015, Ironman Lake Placid 2014, Toughman Half Ironman 2013, San Diego Marathon 2012)



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